A psalm written for people going up to the temple to worship
I say that my enemies have ◄afflicted/caused trouble for► me ever since I was young.
Now I ask you, my fellow Israelis, to repeat those same words:
“Our enemies have afflicted us since our nation began,
but they have not defeated us!
Our enemies struck us with whips that cut into our backs [MET]
like a farmer uses a plow to cut deep furrows into the ground.”
But Yahweh is righteous,
and he has freed me from being a slave [MTY] of wicked people.
I wish/hope that all those who hate Jerusalem/Israel will be ashamed because of being defeated.
I hope/wish that they will be of no value, like grass that grows on the roofs of houses
that dries up and does not grow tall;
as a result no one cuts it and puts it in bundles and carries it away.
People who pass by and see men harvesting grain usually greet them by saying to them,
“We wish/hope that Yahweh will bless you!”
But this will not happen to those who hate Israel.
We, acting as Yahweh's representatives, bless you Israelis.