A psalm written for people going up to the temple to worship
Yahweh, I have a lot of troubles/many difficulties, so I call out to you.
Yahweh, hear me,
while I call out to you [SYN] to be merciful to me!
Yahweh, if you kept a record of the sins that we have committed,
not one of us [RHQ] would escape from being condemned and punished
But you forgive us,
with the result that we greatly revere you.
Yahweh has said that he would help/rescue me;
I trust what he said, and I wait eagerly for him to do that.
I wait for Yahweh to help me
more than watchmen wait for the light to dawn;
yes, I wait more eagerly than they do!
You my fellow Israelis, confidently expect that Yahweh will bless us.
He will bless us because he faithfully loves us,
and he is very willing to save/rescue us.
And he will save us Israeli people from being punished for all the sins that we have committed.