A psalm written by David
Yahweh, rescue/save me from being attacked by evil men;
and even more, ◄keep me safe/protect me► from being attacked by violent people.
They are always planning to do evil things
and they are always inciting/urging people to start quarrels.
By what they say [MTY] they injure people like poisonous snakes do;
the words that they speak [MTY] can kill people as easily as cobras/vipers do.
(Think about that!)
Yahweh, protect me from the power [MTY] of wicked people.
Keep me safe from violent men who plan to destroy me [SYN].
It is as though proud people have set a trap for me;
it is as though they have spread their nets to catch me;
it is as though they have put those things along the road to catch/seize me.
(Think about that!)
I say to you, “Yahweh, you are my God;”
so listen to me while I cry out to you to help me.
Yahweh, my Lord, you are the one who defends me strongly;
you have protected me during battles [MET] as though you had put a helmet on my head.
Yahweh, do allow wicked people to do the things that they desire,
and do not allow them to do the evil things that they plan to do.
(Think about that!)
Do not allow my enemies to ◄become proud/defeat me►;
cause the evil things that they say [MTY] they will do to me to happen to them, instead.
10 Cause burning coals to fall on their heads!
Cause them to be thrown into deep pits, from which they cannot climb out!
11 Do not allow those who slander others to succeed;
cause evil things to happen to violent men and destroy them!
12 Yahweh, I know that you defend those who are oppressed,
and that you do what is just/fair for those who are needy/poor.
13 Righteous people will surely thank you [MTY],
and they will live ◄in your presence/with you►.