A psalm written by David
Yahweh, I call out to you;
please help me quickly!
Listen to me when I am calling to you.
Accept my prayer as though it were incense being burned as an offering [SIM] to you.
And accept me while I lift up my hands to pray to you
like you accept sacrifices that I offer to you each evening [SIM].
Yahweh, do not allow me to say [MTY] things that are wrong;
guard my lips.
Prevent me from wanting to do anything that is wrong,
and from joining with wicked men when they want to do evil deeds [DOU].
Do not even allow me to share in eating delightful food with them!
It is all right if righteous people strike/hit me or rebuke me
because they are trying to act kindly toward me to teach me to do what is right,
but I do not want wicked people to honor me by anointing my head with olive oil;
I am always praying that you will punish them because of the wicked deeds that they do.
When their rulers are thrown down from the top of rocky cliffs,
people will know that what you, Yahweh, said about them is true.
Like a log that is split and cut into small pieces [SIM],
their shattered bones will be scattered on the ground near other graves.
But Yahweh God, I continue to assk you to help me.
I ask you to protect me;
do not allow me to ◄die/be killed► now!
It is as though people have set traps for me;
protect me from falling into those traps,
It is as though they have spread nets to catch me;
keep me from being caught in those nets.
10 I desire that wicked people will fall into the traps they have set to catch me
while I escape from them.