A psalm that David prayed when he was hiding in a cave
Yahweh, I cry out to you;
I plead with you to help me.
I am bringing to you all my problems;
I am telling you all my troubles/difficulties.
When I am very discouraged,
you know what I should do.
Wherever I walk, it is as though my enemies have hidden traps for me to fall into.
I look around,
but there is no one who pays attentionto me,
no one who will protect me,
no one who cares about what happens to me.
So Yahweh, I cry out to you to help me;
you are the one who protects me;
and you are all that I need while I am alive.
Listen to me while I cry out to you for help,
because I am very distressed.
Rescue/Save me from those who are pursuing me,
because they are very strong,
with the result that I cannot escape from them.
Free/Rescue me from my troubles/difficulties [MET]
in order that I may thank you.
If you do that, when I am with godly/righteous people,
I will praise you for having been very good to me.