A psalm written by David
Yahweh, hear me while I pray to you!
Because you are righteous
and because you faithfully do what you have promised,
listen to what I am pleading that you do for me.
I am one who serves you;
do not judge me,
because you know that everyone has done things that are wrong►.
My enemies have pursued me;
they have completely defeated me.
It is as though they have put me in a dark prison,
where I have nothing good tohope for/expect►, like those who died long ago [SIM].
So I am very discouraged;
I am very dismayed/worried.
I remember what has happened previously:
I ◄meditate on/think about► all the things that you have done;
I consider all the great deeds that you [SYN] have performed.
I lift up my hands/arms to you while I pray;
I [SYN] need you, like very dry ground needs rain [SIM].
(Think about that!)
Yahweh, I am very discouraged,
so please answer me right now!
Do not hide from me,
because if you do that, I will soon be [SIM] among those who descend to where the dead people are.
Every morning cause me to remember that you faithfully love me,
because I trust in you.
I ◄pray/send my prayers up [IDM]► to you;
show me what I should do.
Yahweh, I have gone/run to you to be protected,
so rescue me from my enemies.
10 You are my God;
teach me to do what you want me to do.
I want your good Spirit to lead me on a path that is not difficult to walk on.
11 Yahweh, restore me when I am close to dying, as you promised to do.
Because you are righteous/good, rescue me from my troubles/difficulties!
12 I am one who serves you;
so because you faithfully love me,
kill my enemies
and get rid of all those who ◄oppress/cause trouble for► me.