A psalm written by David to praise God
My God and King, I will proclaim that you are very great/glorious;
I will praise you [MTY] now and forever.
Every day I will praise you;
Yes, I will praise you [MTY] forever.
Yahweh you are great, and ◄you ought to be praised/people should praise you► very much;
we cannot fully realize how great you are.
Parents should tell their children the things that you have done;
they should tell their children about your mighty deeds.
They should tell them that you are very glorious and majestic [DOU],
and I will ◄meditate on/think about► all your wonderful deeds.
People will speak about your powerful and awesome deeds,
and I will proclaim that you are very great.
People will remember and proclaim that you are very good to us,
and they will sing joyfully that you always act justly/fairly.
Yahweh, you are kind and merciful to us;
you do not quickly become angry;
you faithfully love us very much.
Yahweh, you are good to everyone,
and you are merciful to everything that you have made.
10 Yahweh, all the creatures that you made will thank you,
and all your people will praise you.
11 They will tell others that you rule gloriously as our king
and that you are very powerful.
12  They will do that in order that everyone will know about your powerful deeds
and that you rule over us gloriously.
13 You will never stop being king;
you will rule ◄throughout all generations/forever►.
Yahweh, you faithfully do all that you have promised to do,
and all that you do, you do mercifully.
14 Yahweh, you help all those who are discouraged
and you lift up all those who ◄stumble and fall down/are distressed►.
15 All of the creatures that you made expect that you will provide food for them,
and you give them food when they need it.
16 You give food to all living creatures generously [IDM],
and you cause them to ◄be satisfied/have all the food that they need►.
17 Everything that Yahweh does, he does justly/fairly,
and all that he does, he does mercifully.
18 Yahweh ◄comes near to/is ready to help► all those who call out to him,
to those who call to him sincerely.
19 To all those who revere him, he gives them what they need.
He hears them when they cry out to him, and saves/rescues them.
20 Yahweh protects all those who love him,
but he will get rid of all the wicked people.
21 I [SYN] will always praise Yahweh;
He is holy; and I wish/hope that evefyone will praise him [MTY] forever.