Praise Yahweh!
With my whole inner being I will praise Yahweh.
I will praise Yahweh as long as I am alive;
I will sing to praise my God for the rest of my life.
You people, do not trust in your leaders;
do not trust humans because they cannot save/rescue you from your difficulties/problems.
And when they die, their corpses decay and become soil again.
After they die, they can no longer do the things that they planned to do.
But those whose helper is the God whom Jacob worshiped are happy.
The one whom they confidently expect to help them is Yahweh, their God.
He is the one who created heaven and the earth
and the oceans and all the creatures that are in them.
He always does what he has promised to do.
He decides matters fairly for those who are ◄treated unfairly/oppressed►,
and he provides food for those who are hungry.
He frees those who are in prison.
Yahweh enables those who are blind to see again.
He lifts up those who have fallen down.
He loves righteous people.
Yahweh takes care of those from other countries who live in our land,
and he helps widows and orphans.
But he gets rid of wicked people.
10 Yahweh will continue to be our king forever;
you people of Israel, your God will rule forever!
Praise Yahweh!