A psalm written by David
God, protect me
because I go to you to keep me safe!
I said to Yahweh, “You are my Lord;
all the good things that I have come from you.”
Your people who live in this land are wonderful;
I delight to be with them.
Those who choose to worship other gods will have many things that cause them to be sad.
I will not join them when they make sacrifices to their gods;
I will not even join them when they speak [MTY] the names of their gods.
Yahweh, you are the one whom I have chosen,
and you give me great blessings.
You protect me and control what happens to me.
Yahweh has given me a wonderful place in which to live;
I am delighted with all the things that he has given me [MET].
I will praise Yahweh, the one who teaches/disciplines me;
even at night he you put in my mind what is right for me to do.
I know that Yahweh is always with me.
He is beside me;
so nothing will ◄perturb me/cause me to be worried►.
Therefore I am glad and I [MTY, DOU] rejoice;
I can rest securely
10 because you, Yahweh, will not allow my soul/spirit to remain in the place where the dead people are;
you will not allow me, your godly one, to stay there.
11 You will show me the road that leads to receiving eternal life,
and you will make me joyful when I am with you.
I will have pleasure forever when I am ◄at your right hand/seated next to you►.