A psalm written by David
Yahweh, listen to me while I plead with you to act justly toward me.
Hear me while I call out to you to help me.
Pay attention to what I say while I pray
because I am speaking [MTY] honestly/truthfully.
You are the one who is able to declare that I ◄am innocent/have not done anything that was wrong►
because you see/know that I am telling the truth.
You know what I think, even at night;
you have examined what I say and do,
and you know that I have determined to never tell any lies.
I have not done like others do;
I have always done what is right [IDM],
and I have not acted cruelly toward others.
I have always done what you told me to do [IDM],
I have ◄never failed to do/always done► [LIT] those things.
O God, I pray to you because you answer me;
please listen [MTY] to what I am saying.
Show me that you faithfully love me.
By your great power [MTY] rescue those who ◄run to/trust in► you to protect them from their enemies.
Protect me as people carefully protect their own eyes;
protect me like birds protect their babies under their wings [MET].
Do not allow wicked people to attack me;
my enemies surround me, wanting to kill me.
10 They never pity [IDM] anyone,
and they are always boasting.
11 They have hunted/searched for me and found me.
They surround me, watching for an opportunity to throw me to the ground.
12 They are like lions [SIM] that are ready to tear apart the animals that they capture;
they are like young lions that are hiding, waiting to pounce on their prey.
13 Yahweh, come and ◄oppose/fight against► my enemies and defeat them!
Use your sword to save me from those wicked people!
14 Yahweh, by your power [MTY] rescue me from those people who are interested only in things here in this world.
But you provide plenty of food for those whom you love dearly;
their children also have many things that their grandchildren will inherit.
15 Yahweh, because I act righteously, I will some day see you [SYN].
When I awake, I will see you face-to-face, and then I will be happy.