A psalm written by David for the choir director
I desire that Yahweh will answer you when you call out to him when you have troubles!
God is the one whom ◄ our ancestor Jacob/the Israeli people► worshiped;
I desire that he will protect you [MTY] from being harmed by your enemies.
I desire/hope that he will reach out from his sacred temple and help you,
and aid you from where he lives on Zion Hill.
I desire/hope that he will accept all the offerings that you give him to be burned on the altar,
and all your other offerings.
(Think about that!)
I want him to give to you what you desire,
and that you will be able to accomplish all that you desire to do.
When we hear that you have defeated your enemies, we will shout joyfully.
We will lift up a banner proclaiming that it is God [MTY] who helps us (inc).
I want Yahweh to do for you all that you request him to do.
I know now that Yahweh rescues me, the one whom he has chosen to be king.
From his holy place in heaven he will answer me,
and he will save me by his great power [MTY].
Some kings trust that because they have chariots they will be able to defeat their enemies,
and some trust that their horses will enable them to defeat their enemies,
but we will trust in the power [MTY] of Yahweh our God.
Some kings will stumble and fall down,
but we will be strong and ◄not be moved/continue standing firm►.
Yahweh, enable me, your king, to defeat our enemies!
Answer us when we call out to you to help us.