A psalm written by David for the choir director
Yahweh, ◄ I, your king am glad/the king is glad► because you have caused me/him to be strong.
◄I rejoice/he rejoices► greatly because you have rescued me/him from my/his enemies.
You have given me/him the things that I/he [SYN] desired
and you have not refused to do what I requested you to do.
(Think about that!)
In answer to my/his prayer, you enabled me/him to succeed and prosper.
You placed a gold crown on my/his head.
I/He asked you to enable me/him to live for a long time,
and that is what you gave me/him, a very long [HYP] life.
◄I am/He is► greatly honored because you have helped me/him to defeat my/his enemies;
you have made me/him famous.
You will bless me/him forever,
and you have caused me/him to be joyful in your presence.
Yahweh, you are God Almighty,
and ◄I trust/the king trusts► in you.
Because you faithfully love me/him,
disastrous things will never happen to me/him.
You will enable me/him to capture [MTY] all my/his enemies
and all those who hate me/him.
When you appear, you will throw them into a fiery furnace.
Because you are angry with them, you will get rid of them;
the fire will burn them up.
10 You will remove their children from this earth;
their descendants will all disappear.
11 They planned to harm you,
but what they plan will never succeed.
12 You will cause them to run away [IDM]
by shooting arrows at them.
13 Yahweh, show us that you are very strong!
When you do that, while we sing we will praise you because you are very powerful.