A psalm written by David
Yahweh, my God,, I give myself to you.
I trust in you.
Do not allow my enemies to defeat me,
with the result that I would be ashamed/disgraced.
Do not allow my enemies to defeat/conquer me,
with the result that they would rejoice.
Do not allow any of those who trust in you to be disappointed/disgraced.
Cause those who ◄act treacherously toward/try to deceive► others to be disappointed/disgraced.
Yahweh, show me the way that I should ◄conduct my life/live as you want me to►,
teach me how to act in the manner that you want me to act/behave.
Teach me to conduct my life by obeying your truth
because you are my God, the one who saves me.
All the time I trust in you.
Yahweh, do not forget how you have acted mercifully to me and have faithfully loved me;
that is the way that you have acted toward me from long ago.
Forgive me for all the sinful things I did and the ways that I rebelled against you when I was young;
I ask this because you faithfully love your people and do good things for them,
Yahweh, do not forget me!
Yahweh is good and fair/just;
therefore he shows sinners ◄how they should conduct their lives/how to live as you want them to►.
He shows humble people what is right for them to do
and teaches them what he wants them to do.
10 He always faithfully loves and does what he has promised
to those who keep his agreement with them and who do what he requires.
11 Yahweh, forgive me for all my sins, which are many,
in order that I may honor you [MTY].
12 To all those who revere you [RHQ],
you show them the ◄right way to conduct their lives/things that they should do►.
13 They will always be prosperous,
and their descendants will continue to live in this land.
14 Yahweh is a friend of those who have an awesome respect for him,
and he teaches them the agreement that he made with them.
15 I always ask [MTY] Yahweh to help me,
and he rescues me from danger [MET].
16 Yahweh, pay attention to me and be merciful to me, because I am alone,
and I am very distressed because I am suffering/oppressed.
17 Help me to not worry,
and rescue me from my troubles.
18 Note that I am distressed and troubled [DOU],
and forgive me for all my sins.
19 Also note that I have many enemies,
see that they hate me very much.
20 Protect me, and rescue me from them;
do not allow them to defeat me,
with the result that I would be ashamed/disgraced;
I have come to you to ◄get refuge/be safe►.
21 Protect me because I do what is good and honest/just [PRS],
and because I trust in you.
22 God, rescue us Israeli people from all of our troubles!