A psalm written by David
Yahweh, show that I ◄am innocent/have not done what is wrong►.
I always do what is right;
I have trusted in you and never doubted that you would help me.
Yahweh, examine what I have done and test me;
thoroughly evaluate what I think [IDM].
I never forget that you faithfully love me,
I conduct my life according to your truth.
I do not spend my time with liars
and I stay away from hypocrites.
I do not like to be with evil people,
and I avoid wicked people.
Yahweh, I wash my hands to show that I ◄am innocent/have not done what was wrong►.
As I join with others marching around your altar,
we sing songs to thank you,
and we tell others the wonderful things that you have done.
Yahweh, I love to be in the temple where you live,
in the place where your glory appears.
Do not get rid of me like you get rid of sinners;
do not cause me to die like you cause those who murder [MTY] people to die,
10 and people who [SYN] are ready to do wicked things
and people who are always taking bribes.
11 But as for me, I always try to do what is right.
So be kind to me and rescue me.
12 I stand in places where I am safe,
and when all your people gather together, I praise you.