A psalm written by David
Yahweh is the one who gives light to my soul/spirit and the one who saves me,
so I do not [RHQ] need to be afraid of anyone.
Yahweh is the one to whom I go for refuge,
so I will never be afraid.
When those who do evil come near me to attack me,
they stumble and fall down.
Even if an army surrounds me,
I [SYN] will not be afraid.
Even if they attack me,
I will trust in God.
There is one thing that I have requested from Yahweh;
this is the one thing that I desire:
That I may worship in Yahweh's house/temple every day of my life,
and see that Yahweh is wonderful
and inquire what he wants me to do.
He will protect me when I have troubles;
he will keep me safe in his Sacred Tent.
He will set me safely ◄on a high rock/in a secure place►.
Then I will triumph over [IDM] my enemies.
I will shout joyfully as I offer sacrifices in his Sacred Tent,
and I will praise Yahweh as I sing.
Yahweh, listen to me while I pray.
Be kind to me and answer my prayer.
I sensed that I heard you say, “Come and worship me [IDM],”
so, Yahweh, I will worship you.
I am your servant;
Do not be angry with me and turn away from me.
You have always helped me.
You are the one who has saved me,
so do not abandon me now.
10  Even if my father and mother desert me,
you will take care of [IDM] me.
11 Yahweh, teach me to do what you want me to do,
and lead me on a safe path
because I have many enemies.
12 Do not allow my enemies to do to me what they want;
they say many false things about me and threaten to do violent things to me.
13 But I know that because I trust in you
you will be good to me as long as I live.
14 So trust in Yahweh, all of you!
Be strong and courageous,
and wait expectantly for him to help you!