A psalm written by David
Yahweh, I call out to you;
you are like an overhanging rock under which I can hide.
Do not refuse to answer me,
because if you are silent, I will soon be with those who are in their graves.
Listen to me when I call out for you to help me,
when I pray, lifting up my hands as I face your sacred temple.
Do not drag me away with wicked people,
with those who do wicked deeds,
with those who pretend to act peacefully toward others
while in their inner beings, they hate them.
Punish those people in the way that they deserve for what they have done;
punish them for their evil deeds [DOU].
Yahweh, they do not pay attention to the wonderful things that you have done and that you have created;
so get rid of them permanently and do not let them appear again!
Praise Yahweh
because he has heard me when I called out for him to help me!
Yahweh makes me strong and protects me like a shield [MET];
I trusted in him, and he helped me.
I was glad,
and from my inner being I praised him as I sang to him.
Yahweh causes us to be strong and protects us;
and he saves me, the one he appointed [MTY] to be king.
Yahweh, save/rescue your people;
bless those who belong to you.
Take care of them like a shepherd takes care of his sheep [MET];
take care of them forever.