A psalm written by David
You angels in heaven, praise Yahweh!
Praise him because he is very glorious and powerful.
Proclaim that ◄he/his name► is glorious;
bow down before Yahweh in his holy temple.
Yahweh's voice is heard above the oceans;
tYahweh, the glorious God, thunders.
His voice thunders over the huge oceans [DOU].
His voice is powerful and majestic.
The sound of Yahweh's voice breaks great cedar trees,
the cedars that grow in Lebanon.
He causes the mountains in Lebanon to jump like calves jump,
and causes Hermon Mountain to jump like a young bull jumps.
Yahweh's voice causes lightning to flash.
His voice causes the desert to shake;
he shakes Kadesh Desert in the southern part of Judah.
Yahweh's voice shakes the huge oak trees
and strips the leaves from the trees
while the people in the temple shout, “Praise God!”
10 Yahweh ruled over the flood that covered the earth;
he is our King who will rule forever.
11 Yahweh enables his people to be strong,
and he blesses them by causing things to go well for them.