A psalm written by David for the dedication of the temple
Yahweh, I praise you because you rescued me.
You did not allow me to die,
with the result that my enemies could gloat/rejoice.
Yahweh, my God, I called out for you to help me when I was ill,
and you healed me.
You saved/restored me when I was dying [MTY].
I was nearly dead,
but you caused me to get well again.
All you who belong to Yahweh, sing praise to him!
Think about what God, the holy one, has done, and thank him!
When he becomes angry, he is angry for only a very short time [HYP],
but he is good to us all of our life.
We may cry during the night,
but the next morning we will be joyful.
As for me, when I had no troubles, I said to myself,
“No one will defeat me!”
Yahweh, because you were good to me,
at first you caused me to be safe as though I was inside [MET] a mountain.
But then I became ill, and I thought that you had turned away from me,
and I became afraid.
Then I called out to you,
and I pleaded for you to help me.
I said, “Yahweh, ◄what will you gain if I die?/ you won't gain anything if I die►[MTY].
◄In what way will it benefit you?/it won't benefit you at all► if I go to the place where the dead people are [RHQ].
Dead people are certainly not able to praise you [RHQ],
and they are not able to tell others that you are trustworthy [RHQ]!
10 Yahweh, listen to me, and be merciful to me!
Yahweh, help me!”
11 But now you have healed me, and you have caused me to change from being sad to dancing joyfully.
You have taken away the clothes that showed that I was very sad
and you have given me clothes that showed that I was very joyful.
12 So I will not be silent;
I will sing out loudly to praise you.
Yahweh, you are my God,
and I will thank you forever.