A psalm written by David for the choir director
Yahweh, I have come to you to be protected;
do not allow me to be defeated, with the result that I am disgraced.
Since you always do what is fair/right,
rescue me!
Listen to me, and save me right now!
Be like a huge rock under which I can hide [MET]
and like a strong fort in which I will be safe.
Yes, you are like my huge rock and my fort;
guide me and lead me [DOU] in order that I can honor you [MTY].
You are the one who protects me,
so keep me from falling into the hidden traps that my enemies have set for me.
Yahweh, you are a God who can be trusted,
so I put myself into your care
because you rescued me.
Yahweh, I hate those who worship useless idols,
but I trust in you.
I will be very glad [DOU] because you faithfully love me.
You see me when I have been afflicted,
and you have known when I have had troubles.
You have not allowed my enemies to capture me;
instead, you have rescued me from danger.
But now, Yahweh, be kind to me again
because I am distressed.
Because I cry so much, I cannot see well,
and I am completely exhausted.
10 I have become very weak because I am so miserable,
and it is causing my life to become shorter.
I have become weak because of all my troubles;
even my bones are becoming weaker.
11 All of my enemies make fun of me,
and even my neighbors despise me.
Even my friends are afraid of me because they think I am being punished by God,
and when they see me on the streets, they run away.
12 People have forgotten me like they forget people who are dead.
They think I am as useless as a broken pot.
13 I have heard people slandering me,
and they have caused me to become terrified.
My enemies are making plans
in order to kill me.
14 But Yahweh, I trust in you.
You are my God.
15 My whole life [MTY] is in your hands;
save me from my enemies,
from those who pursue me.
16 Be kind to me
and rescue me because you always faithfully love me.
17 Yahweh, I call out to you,
so do not allow me to be disgraced.
I desire that wicked people will be disgraced;
I want them to soon die and go down to the place where the dead people are.
18 I desire that you will cause people [MTY] who tell lies to be unable to speak.
Do that to people who are proud and those who arrogantly accuse righteous people.
19 You have stored up many blessings for those who revere you.
You do those good things for those who go to you to be protected;
everyone sees you doing that.
20 You hide people in your presence where it is safe,
and protect them from people who plot to kill them.
You hide them in safe places from their enemies [MTY] who accuse/insult them.
21 Praise Yahweh!
When my enemies surrounded the city in which I was living,
he showed me in a wonderful way that he faithfully loves me.
22 I was afraid, and I cried out, “I have been separated from Yahweh!”
but you heard me and answered my cry for help.
23 You people who belong to Yahweh, love him!
Those who are loyal to him, he protects,
but those who are very proud, he punishes them severely like they deserve to be punished.
24 You who confidently expect Yahweh to do great things for you,
be strong, be courageous!