A psalm written by David, a psam which will help people to be wise
Those whom God has forgiven for rebelling against him,
whose stains [MET] of sin have been wiped away,
are truly blessed by God!
Those whose record of their sins Yahweh has erased,
those who no longer do deceitful things,
are truly blessed by God*!
When I did not confess my sins,
◄my body/I► was very weak and sick,
and I groaned ◄all day long/continually►.
Day and night, Yahweh, you [SYN] punished me severely.
My strength drained away like water thatevaporates/dries up► on a hot summer day.
(Think about that!)
Then/Finally I admitted/confessed my sins to you;
I stopped trying to hide them.
(Think about that!)
I said to myself,
“I will confess to Yahweh the wrong things that I have done.”
And when I confessed them, you forgave me,
so now I ◄am no longer guilty/will no longer be punished► for my sins.
Therefore, the people who are godly should pray to you
when they ◄ realize that they have sinned/have difficulties►.
If they pray to yout, difficulties [MET] will not overwhelm them like a great flood.
You are like a place where I can hide from my enemies [MET],
you protect me from troubles,
and you ◄enable me/ put people around me who will enable me► to shout, praising you for saving me from my enemies.
(Think about that!)
Yahweh says, “I will teach you about how you should conduct your life.
I will instruct you and watch over you.
Do not be stupid like horses and mules that do not have understanding;
they need ◄bits/pieces of metal put in their mouths► and ◄bridles/ropes fastened to their head►
so they will go in the direction you want them to go.”
10 Wicked people will have many troubles that will make them sad,
but those who trust in Yahweh will experience him faithfully loving them all the time.
11  So, all you righteous people, rejoice about what Yahweh has done for you;
you whose ◄inner beings/lives► are pure, be glad and shout joyfully!