You righteous people should sing joyfully to Yahweh
because that is what he deserves.
Praise Yahweh as you play songs on the lyre/harp.
Praise him as you play other instruments that have many strings.
Sing a new song to him;
Play those instruments well, and shout joyfully as you play them!
Yahweh always does what he says that he will do;
we can trust that everything that he does is right.
He loves everything that we do that is just and right.
People all over the earth can know that Yahweh faithfully loves us.
Yahweh created everything in the sky by commanding it.
By what he said [MTY] he created all the stars.
He gathered all the water into one huge mass
like someone scoops liquid into a container.
Everyone on the earth should revere Yahweh [DOU].
When he spoke, the world ◄was created/started to exist►.
Everything started to exist as a result of him commanding it.
10 Yahweh frustrates the things that the pagan nations decide to do.
He prevents them from doing the evil things that they plan to do.
11 But what Yahweh decides to do will last forever.
What he plans to do will never be changed.
12 Yahweh blesses those nations who choose him to be their God;
He is pleased with those whom he has chosen to receive what he has promised.
13 Yahweh looks down from heaven and sees all us people;
14 from where he rules [MTY], he looks down on all the people who live on the earth.
15 He formed our inner beings,
and he sees everything that we do.
16 It is not because a king has a great army that he is able to win battles,
and it is not because a soldier is very strong that he is able to defeat his enemy.
17 It is foolish to trust that because horses are very strong
that they will able to win a battle and save their riders.
18 Do not forget that Yahweh watches over those who revere him,
those who confidently expect him to faithfully love them.
19 He saves them [SYN] from dying before they should die
and preserves them when there is a famine.
20 We trust that Yahweh will help us;
he protects us like a shield protects a soldier [MET].
21 We rejoice because of what he has done for us;
we trust in him because he [MTY] is holy.
22 Yahweh, we pray that you will always faithfully love us
while we confidently expect you to do great things for us.