A psalm written by David when he pretended to be insane in front of King Abimelech, so that the king would send him away
I will always thank Yahweh;
I will constantly praise him [MTY].
I will boast about what Yahweh has done.
All those who are oppressed/discouraged should hear me and rejoice.
Join with me in telling others that Yahweh is great!
You and I should together proclaim how glorious he is!
I prayed to Yahweh, and he ◄answered my prayer/did what I asked him to do►;
he rescued me from all those who caused me to be afraid.
Those who trust [IDM] that he will help them will be joyful;
◄they will never be disappointed/he will always do for them the things that he promises► [LIT].
I was miserable/helpless, but I called out to Yahweh, and he heard me.
He rescued me from all my troubles.
An angel from Yahweh guards those who revere him,
and the angel rescues them.
Find out for yourself, and you will experience that Yahweh is good to you!
He is very pleased with those who ask him to protect them.
All you who belong to him, revere him!
Those who do that will always have the things that they need [LIT].
10 Lions are usually very strong, but sometimes even young lions are hungry and become weak,
but those who trust in Yahweh will ◄have everything/not lack any good thing► [LIT] that they need.
11 You ◄who are my students/whom I teach►, come and listen to me,
and I will teach you how to revere Yahweh.
12 If [RHQ] any of you wants to enjoy life
and have a good long life,
13 do not say anythoing that is evil!
Do not tell lies!
14 Turn away from doing evil, and do what is good!
Always try hard to enable people to live peacefully with each other.
15 Yahweh [MTY] carefully watches over those who act righteously;
he always responds [MTY] to them when they call to him for help.
16 But Yahweh [SYN] ◄is opposed to/turns away from► those who do what is evil.
And after they die, people will forget them completely.
17 Yahweh hears righteous people when they call out to him;
he rescues them from all their troubles.
18 Yahweh is always ready to help those who are discouraged;
he rescues those who have nothing good to hope for.
19 Righteous people may have many troubles,
but Yahweh rescues them from all those troubles.
20 Yahweh protects them from being harmed;
when their enemies attack them,
they will not break any bones of those righteous people.
21 Wicked people will be killed by their own evil deeds (OR, by people doing to them the same evil things that the wicked do to others) [PRS],
and Yahweh will punish those who oppose righteous people.
22 Yahweh will save those who serve him.
He will ◄not condemn/forgive► [LIT] those who trust in him.