A psalm written by David when he fled from his son Absalom
Yahweh, I have many enemies [DOU]!
There are many people who oppose/rebel against me.
Many people are saying about me,
“God will certainly not help him!”
(Think about that!)
But Yahweh, you are like a shield that protects me [MET].
You greatly honor me, and you encourage me (OR, enable me to triumph over my enemies) [IDM].
I cry out to you, Yahweh,
and you answer me from Zion, your sacred hill.
(Think about that!)
At night I lie down and sleep, and I awake in the morning feeling good/refreshed
because you, Yahweh, ◄take care of/protect► me all during the night.
There may be thousands of enemy soldiers who surround me,
but I am not afraid.
Yahweh, arise!
My God, come and rescue me again!
You insult my enemies by slapping them on their cheeks;
when you strike them, you break their teeth,
with the result that they cannot hurt anyone [MET].
Yahweh, you are the one who saves your people from their enemies.
Yahweh, bless your people!
(Think about that!)