A psalm written by David for the choir director; a psalm to be accompanied by people playing stringed instruments
God, answer me when I pray to you.
You are the one who vindicates me;
Rescue me from things that distress me.
Act mercifully toward me, and listen to me while I pray.
How long will you people cause me to be disgraced instead of honoring me [RHQ]?
You people love to falsely accuse me.
(Think about that!)
All those who are loyal to Yahweh,
he has chosen them to belong to him.
Yahweh listens to me when I pray to him.
When you people get angry, do not allow your anger to control you and cause you to sin.
While you lie on your bed,
silently examine what you are thinking g.
(Think about that!)
Also, offer to Yahweh the proper sacrifices,
and continue trusting in him.
Some people ask, “Who will allow good things to happen to us?”
But I say, “Yahweh, continue to act kindly toward us.
You have made me very happy;
I am happier than people who have harvested a great amount of grain and grapes.
I can lie down at night and sleep soundly
because I know that you, Yahweh, will keep me safe.”