A psalm written by David for the choir director; a psalm to be accompanied by playing flutes
Yahweh, listen to me while I pray!
Pay attention to me when I am groaning because I am suffering very much.
You are my King and my God.
When I call to you to ask you to help me, listen to me,
because you are the one to whom I pray.
Listen to me when I pray to you each morning,
and I wait for you to reply.
You are not a god who is pleased with wicked people;
you do not ◄associate with/invite into your house► those who do what is evil.
You do not allow those who are very proud to come to you to worship you.
You hate all those who do evil things.
You get rid of liars,
and you despise those who murder others and those who deceive others.
Yahweh, because you love me so much and so faithfully,
I come into your temple.
I revere you greatly,
and I bow down to worship you at your sacred temple.
Yahweh, because you act righteously toward me,
show me what is right for me to do.
Because I have many enemies,
show me clearly what you want me to do.
My enemies never say what is true;
they just want to destroy others.
The things that they say [MTY] are as foul as an open grave where a corpse is decaying.
They use their tongues to tell lies.
10 O God, declare that they are guilty [MTY] and punish them.
Cause them to experience the same disasters/troubles that they plan to cause to happen to others.
Get rid of them because they have committed many sins,
and they have rebelled against you.
11 But cause that all those who go to you to be protected will rejoice;
cause them to sing joyfully to you forever.
Protect those who love you [MTY];
they are truly happy because ◄of what you do for them/they belong to you►.
12 Yahweh, you always bless those who act righteously;
you protect them like a soldier is protected by his shield [SIM].