A psalm written by David for the choir leader, to be accompanied by people playing stringed instruments
Yahweh, do not punish me when you are angry with me;
Do not even rebuke/scold me when you are angry.
Yahweh, be kind to me and heal me because I have become weak.
My body [SYN] shakes because I am experiencing much pain.
Yahweh, I am greatly distressed.
How long ◄ must I endure this/will it be before you help me► [RHQ]?
Yahweh, please come and rescue me.
Save me because you faithfully love me.
I will not be able to praise you after I die [RHQ];
No one in the place of the dead praises you.
I am exhausted/groan from my pain.
At night I cry very much, with the result that my bed and my pillow become wet from my tears.
My tears blur my eyes so much that I cannot see well.
My eyes have become weak because my enemies have caused me to cry constantly.
You people who do evil things, get away from me!
Yahweh heard me when I was crying and called out to him to help me,
and he will answer my prayer.
10  When that happens, all my enemies will be ashamed,
and they will also be terrified.
They will get away from me and suddenly leave me
because they will be disgraced.