A psalm written by David for Jeduthun, the choir director
I said to myself, “I will be careful not to sin by the things that I say [MTY].
I will not say anything to complain
while wicked people are near to me and can hear me.”
So I was completely silent [DOU], and I did not even talk about things that were good,
but it was useless, because I began to suffer even more.
I became very anxious/worried [IDM].
As I thought about my troubles, I became more worried.
Then finally I said [MTY],
“Yahweh, show/tell me how long I will live.
Tell me when I will die.
Tell me how many years I will live!
It seems that you have caused me to live only a short time;
◄my lifetime/all the time that I have lived► seems like nothing to you.
The time that all we humans live is as short as [MET] a puff of wind.
(Think about that!)
Then we disappear like a shadow does.
It seems that all that we do is for nothing/useless.
We sometimes get a lot of money, but we do not know who will get it after we die.
So now, Yahweh, if I expect [RHQ] to receive blessings from other people, I will be disappointed.
You are the only one from whom I confidently expect to receive blessings.
Save me from being punished for all the sins that I have committed.
And do not allow foolish people to make fun of me.
I did not say anything when you punished me,
because I knew that you were the one who caused me to suffer.
10 But now, please stop punishing me!
If you do not do that, I am about to die because of the ways that you [SYN] have struck/afflicted me.
11 When you rebuke someone and punish him for the sin that he has committed,
you destroy the things that ◄he loves/are precious to him►, like moths' larva destroy clothing.
Our lives disappear like a puff of wind.
(Think about that!)
12 Yahweh, listen to me while I pray;
pay attention to me while I cry out to you.
Help me while I am crying.
I am here on the earth for only a short time,
like all my ancestors.
13  Now please leave me alone, and do not punish me anymore
in order that I may smile and be happy for a while before I die. [EUP, DOU]”