A psalm written by David for the choir director
I waited patiently for Yahweh to help me,
and he listened to me [DOU] when I called out to him.
When I had many troubles, it was as though I was in a deep pit.
But he lifted me up out of the mud and slime of that pit;
he set my feet on a solid rock,
and enabled me to walk ◄safely/without falling►.
He has given me a new song to sing,
a song to praise him who is our God.
Many people will find out what he has done for me,
and they will revere and trust him.
Yahweh is pleased with those who trust him,
those who do not trust in idols
or join with those who worship those false gods.
O Yahweh, my God, you have done many wonderful things!
No one can list all the wonderful things that you have planned for us.
If I tried to tell others about all those wonderful things,
I would not be able to,
because there would be too many for me to mention.
Various kinds of sacrifices and other offerings are not the only things that delight you.
You have enabled me to understand that very well [IDM].
Animals burned on the altar and other offerings
are not all that you require for sins to be forgiven.
So I said to you, “Yahweh, here I am,
to do the things that have been written in the scroll that contains your laws,
things that you want me to do.”
O my God, I delight to do what you desire;
I keep your laws within my inner being.
Whenever all your people are gathered,
I have told them about how you save us.
Yahweh, you know that I have not been afraid to tell that to them.
10 And I have not kept to myself the news that you always act justly/fairly;
when many of your people have gathered together to worship you in the temple,
I have told them that you are faithful to us and save us.
I have ◄not concealed/openly told people► that you faithfully love us and act loyally toward us.
11 Yahweh, do not stop being merciful to me.
Because you faithfully love me [PRS] and are loyal to me, always protect me.
12 I have many troubles; so many that I cannot count them.
My sins are like a flood that has covered me [PRS, MET];
they are so many that I cannot find my way.
The sins that I have committed are more than the hairs on my head.
I am very discouraged.
13 O Yahweh, please save me!
Come quickly to help me!
14 Humble those who are happy about my troubles, and cause them to be disgraced and ashamed.
Chase away those who are trying to get rid of me.
15 I hope/desire that those who make fun of me
will be dismayed when you defeat them.
16 But I hope that all those who go to worship you will be very joyful [DOU].
I want those who love you because you saved them to shout repeatedly,
“Yahweh is great!”
17 As for me, I am poor and needy [DOU];
but I know that Yahweh has not forgotten me.
O my God, you are the one who saves and helps me,
so please come quickly and help me!