A psalm written by David for the choir director
Yahweh is pleased with those people who help to provide for the poor;
he will rescue those people when they have troubles.
Yahweh protects them and allows them to live for a long time.
He enables them to be happy in the land of Israel,
and rescues them from their enemies.
When they are sick, Yahweh strengthens them,
and he heals them.
When I was sick, I said, “Yahweh, be merciful to me and heal me;
I know that I am sick because I have sinned against you.”
My enemies say cruel things about me;
they say, “How soon will he die, and then everyone will forget about him [MTY]? (OR, he will not have any descendants to continue his name).”
When my enemies come to me, they falsely say that they are concerned about me.
They listen to bad news about ◄me/my health►.
Then they go away and tell everywhere what is happening to me.
All those who hate me whisper to others about me,
and they hope/desire that very bad things will happen to me.
They say, “He will soon die because of his being sick;
he will never get up from his bed before he dies.”
Even my best friend, whom I trusted very much,
who often ate with me,
has ◄betrayed me/put me into my enemies' hands► [IDM].
10 But Yahweh, be merciful to me, and enable me to become healthy again.
When you do that, I will be able to ◄pay back my enemies/get revenge on my enemies/cause my enemies to suffer like they caused me to suffer►.
11  If you enable me to do that, with the result that my enemies do not defeat me,
I will know that you are pleased with me.
12  I will know that it is because I have done what is right that you have helped me,
and I will know that you will let me be with you forever.
13 Praise Yahweh, the God whom we Israelis worship;
Praise him forever!
Amen! I desire that it will be so!