A psalm written by David for the choir director, when Doeg went to Saul and said, “David has gone to talk with Ahimelech, the Supreme Priest”
You people think that you are strong
and brag about the sins that you have committed,
while you plan to harm godly people.
All during the day you plan to get rid of others;
what you say [MTY] injures others like a sharp razor [SIM],
and you are always deceiving others.
You like doing what is evil more than you like doing what is good,
and you like telling lies more than you like telling the truth.
(Think about that!)
You who say things [MTY] to deceive people,
you like to say ◄things that hurt people/cruel things►!
But God will get rid of you forever;
he will grab you and drag you from your home
and take you away from this world where people are alive.
(Think about that!)
When righteous people see that, they will be awestruck,
and they will laugh at what happened to you, and say,
“Look what happened to the man who would not ask God to protect him;
he trusted that his great wealth would save him;
he trusted in the money that he got by wickedly taking it from others!”
But I am secure/safe because I worship in God's temple;
I am like a strong green olive tree.
I trust in God, who faithfully loves us forever.
God, I will always thank you for the things that you have done.
As I stand before godly people, I will proclaim that you are good (OR, the many good [MTY] things you have done for us).