A psalm written by David for the choir director, to be sung using a tune called ❛Mahalath❜
Only foolish people say to themselves, “There is no God!”
People who say that are corrupt; they commit terrible sins;
there is not one of them who does what is good/right.
God looks down from heaven and sees humans;
he looks to see if anyone is very wise,
with the result that he seeks to know God.
But they are all morally corrupt;
no one does what is good/right.
Will all these evil people never learn what God will do to them?
They act violently toward Yahweh's people while eating the food that he provides,
and they never pray to Yahweh.
But some day those people will become terrified,
like they have never been terrified before,
because God will cause those who are separated from him to die,
and he will disrespect them by scattering their bones.
They have rejected God,
so he will cause them to be defeated and completely disgraced.
I wish/desire that someone from Jerusalem [MTY] would come and rescue the Israeli people!
God, when you bless your people again,
all the Israeli people, all the descendants of Jacob, will rejoice.