A psalm written by David when he was in the desert in Judea
God, you are the God whom I worship.
I greatly desire to be with you
like [SIL] a person in a dry hot desert greatly desires some cool water.
So, I want to see you in your temple;
I want to see that you are great and glorious.
Your constantly loving me is ◄worth more/more precious► than my life,
so I [MTY] will always praise you.
I will praise you all the time that I live;
I will lift up my hands to you while I pray.
Knowing you satisfies me more than [IDM, MET] my eating a very big feast,
so I will praise you while I sing [MTY] joyful songs.
While I lie on my bed, I think about you.
I think/meditate about you all during the night,
because you have always helped me,
and I sing joyfully knowing that I am protected by you
as a little bird is protected under its mother's wings [MET].
I cling to you;
and with your hand/power you protect me.
But those who are trying to kill me
will die and descend into the place of the dead;
10 they will be killed in battles [MTY]
and their corpses will be eaten by jackals/wild dogs.
11 But I, the king of Israel, will rejoice in what God has done;
and all those who revere and trust God will praise him,
but he will not allow liars to say anything.