A psalm written by David for the choir director
God, listen to me as I tell you the things that I am worried about.
I am afraid of my enemies; so save/rescue me from them.
Protect me from what wicked men are planning to do to me;
protect me from that gang of men who do what is evil.
The hostile things they say [MTY] are like [SIM] sharp swords;
their cruel words are like [SIM] arrows.
Without being afraid, they lie about people and slander people who have not done what is wrong,
like someone who suddenly jumps up from where he is hiding and shoots arrows at his enemy [MET].
They encourage each other about doing the evil things that they are planning to do;
they talk with each other about where they can set traps to catch people,
and they think, “No one [RHQ] will see what we are doing,
because we have planned very well the crime that we are going to commit!”
No one can fully understand what people can think and plan!
But it will be as though God will shoot his arrows at them,
and suddenly they will be wounded.
Because of what they say [MTY], he will get rid of them,
and then everyone who sees what has happened to them will shake their heads to ridicule them.
And then everyone will be afraid to sin because of what might happen to them, also;
they will tell others what God has done,
and they themselves will think much about it.
10 Righteous people should rejoice because of what Yahweh has done;
they should go to him to ◄find protection/be safe►;
and all those who are godly will praise him.