A psalm written by David for the choir director
God, it is right/appropriate for us to praise you in Jerusalem,
and to do what we have promised you that we would do,
because you answer our prayers.
People everywhere will come to you
because of the sins that they have committed.
Our many sins are like a very heavy burden to us,
but you forgive us.
You are pleased with those whom you have chosen
to live close to your temple.
We are happy with all the blessings that we receive from worshiping in your sacred temple.
God, when we pray to you, you answer us and save us by doing awesome deeds;
you are the one who rescues us;
people who live in very remote places on the earth, on the other side of the oceans, trust in you.
By your strength you put the mountains in their places,
showing that you are very powerful.
You calm the seas when they roar,
and you stop the waves from crashing on the shore;
you also calm people when they ◄make a great uproar/shout angrily together►.
People who live in very remote/distant places on the earth
◄are awed by/revere► you because of the miracles that you perform;
because of what you do,
people who live far to the west and far to the east shout joyfully.
You take care of the soil and send rain,
causing many good things to grow;
you fill the streams with water,
and cause grain/crops to grow.
That is what you have determined/said would happen.
10 You send plenty of rain on the fields that have been plowed,
and you fill the furrows with water.
With showers you soften the hard clods/lumps of soil,
and you bless the soil by causing young plants to grow.
11 Because you bless the soil, there are very good crops at harvest season;
wherever you have gone [MTY], good crops are very abundant [IDM].
12 The pastures are full of flocks of sheep and goats;
it is as though the hills are very joyful.
13 The meadows are full of sheep and goats,
and the valleys are full of grain;
it is as though they also sing and shout joyfully.