A psalm written by Asaph for the choir director, to be sung using the tune ❛Do not destroy❜
We give thanks to you;
our God, we thank you.
You are close to us,
and we proclaim to others the wonderful things that you have done for us.
You have said, “I have appointed a time when I will judge people,
and I will judge everyone fairly.
When the earth shakes
and all the creatures on the earth tremble,
I am the one who will ◄keep its foundations steady/prevent it from being destroyed►.
(Think about that!)
I say to people who ◄boast/talk proudly about themselves►, ‘Stop bragging!’
and I say to wicked people, ‘Do not proudly do things to show how great you are [IDM]!
Do not be arrogant,
and do not speak so boastfully!’ ”
The one who judges people does not come from the east or from the west,
and he does not come from the desert.
God is the one who judges people;
he says that some have sinned and must be punished, and that others have not done what is wrong.
It is as though Yahweh holds a cup in his hand;
it is filled with wine that has spices mixed in it to cause those who drink it to become more drunk;
and when Yahweh pours it out, he will force all the wicked people to drink it;
they will drink every drop of it,
which means that he will give them all the punishment that they deserve.
But as for me, I will never stop saying what the God whom Jacob worshiped has done;
I will never quit singing to praise him.
10 He will destroy the power [IDM] of wicked people,
but he will cause righteous people to become more powerful..