A psalm written by Asaph for the choir director, to be accompanied by stringed instruments
People in Judah know God;
the Israeli people honor him [MTY].
His home is in Jerusalem;
he lives on Zion Hill.
There he broke the flaming arrows that his enemies shot,
and he also broke their shields and swords and other weapons that they used in battles.
(Think about that!)
God, you are glorious!
You are like a king as you return from the mountains where you defeated your enemies.
Their brave soldiers were killed, and then those who killed them took away everything that those soldiers had.
Those enemies died [EUP],
so they were unable to use their weapons anymore!
When you, the God whom Jacob worshiped, rebuked your enemies,
the result was that their horses and their riders fell down dead.
But you cause everyone to be afraid.
When you are angry and you punish people, no one can [RHQ] endure it.
From heaven you proclaimed that you would judge people,
and then everyone on the earth was afraid and did not say anything more,
when you arose to declare that you would punish wicked people
and rescue all those whom they had oppressed.
(Think about that!)
10 When you punish those with whom you are angry, your people will praise you,
and your enemies who ◄survive/are not killed► will worship you on your festival days.
11  So give to Yahweh the offerings that you promised to give to him;
all the people of nearby people-groups should also bring gifts to him, the one who is awesome.
12 He humbles [IDM] princes,
and even causes great kings to be terrified.