A psalm written by Asaph for Jeduthun, the choir director
I cry out to God;
I cry aloud to him, and he hears me.
Whenever have trouble, I pray to the Lord;
all during the night I lift up my hands while I pray,
but nothing causes me to be comforted.
When I think about God, I ◄despair/think that he will never help me►;
when I meditate about him, I am discouraged.
(Think about that!)
All during the night he prevents me from sleeping;
I am very worried, with the result that I do not know what to say.
I think about days that have passed;
I remember what happened in previous years.
I spend the whole night thinking about things;
I meditate, and this is what I ask myself:
“Will the Lord always reject us?
Will he never again be pleased with us?
Has he stopped faithfully loving us?
Will he not do for us what he promised to do?
God promised to be merciful to us; has he forgotten that?
Because he is angry with us, has he decided to not be kind to us?”
(Think about that!)
10 Then I said, “What causes me to be very sad is that
it seems that God, who is greater than any other god, is no longer powerful.”
11  But then, Yahweh, I recall/remember your great deeds;
I remember the wonderful things that you did in the past.
12 I meditate on all that you have done,
and I think about your mighty acts.
13 God, everything that you do is holy;
there is certainly no god [RHQ] who is great like you are!
14 You are God, the one who performs miracles;
you showed to people of many people-groups that you are powerful.
15 By your power [MTY] you rescued your people from Egypt;
you saved those who were descendants of Jacob and his son Joseph.
(Think about that!)
16  It was as though the waters of the Red Sea saw you and became very afraid,
and even the deepest part of the water shook.
17 Rain poured down from the clouds [PRS];
it thundered very loudly [PRS],
and lightning flashed in all directions.
18 Thunder crashed in the whirlwind,
and lightning ◄lit up/flashed across► the entire sky [HYP];
the earth shook violently [DOU].
19  Then you walked through the sea
on a path that you made through the deep water,
but your footprints could not be seen.
20 You led your people like a shepherd leads his flock of sheep,
while Moses and Aaron were the leaders of your people.