A psalm written by Asaph
God gathers all the rulers and judges who think they are gods for a meeting in heaven;
and he tells them that he has decided this:
“You must [RHQ] stop judging people unfairly;
you must no longer make decisions that favor wicked people!
(Think about that!)
You must defend people who are poor and orphans;
you must act fairly toward those who are needy and those who have no one to help them.
Rescue them from the power [MTY] of evil people [DOU]!”
Those rulers do not know or understand anything!
They are very corrupt/evil,
and as a result of their corrupt/evil behavior,
it is as though the foundation of the world is being shaken!
I the all-powerful God, previously said to them, “You think you are gods!
It is as though you are all my sons,
but you will die like people do;
your lives will end, like the lives of all rulers end.”
God, arise and judge everyone on [MTY] the earth,
because all the people-groups belong to you!