A psalm which is a song written by Asaph
God, do not continue to be silent!
Do not be quiet and say nothing,
because your enemies are rioting against you;
those who hate you are rebelling against you!
They are secretly planning to do things to harm us, your people;
they are ◄conspiring together against/planning how to defeat► the people whom you protect.
They say, “Come, we must destroy their nation,
with the result that no one will remember that Israel ever existed!”
They have agreed on what they want to do to destroy Israel,
and they have formed an alliance against you.
The people who have done that are the people of Edom region,
the descendants of Ishmael who live on the east side of the Jordan River,
the Moab people-group, the descendants of Hagar who also live on the east side of the Jordan River,
Gebal people-group, the Ammon people-group, the Amalek people-group,
the Philistia people-group, and the people of Tyre city.
The people of Assyria have joined them;
they are strong allies of the Moab and Ammon people-groups, who are descendants of Abraham's nephew Lot.
(Think about that!)
God, do to those people things like you did to the Midian people-group,
like you did to Sisera and Jabin at Kishon River.
10 You destroyed them at Endor town,
and their corpses lay on the ground and decayed.
11 Do to them things like you did to Kings Oreb and Zeeb;
defeat their leaders like you defeated Zebah and Zalmunna,
12 who said, “We will take for ourselves the land that the Israelis say belongs to God!”
13 My God, cause them to disappear quickly like whirling dust,
like chaff that the wind blows away!
14 Like a fire completely burns a forest
and like flames burn in the mountains,
15 expel them by sending storms;
cause them to be terrified by your big storms/hurricanes!
16 Cause them [SYN] to be very ashamed
in order that they will admit that you are very powerful.
17 Cause them to be forever disgraced because of being defeated,
and cause them to die while they are still disgraced.
18 Cause them to know that you, whose name is Yahweh,
are the supreme ruler over everything on the earth.