A psalm written by one of the descendants of Korah for the choir director
Yahweh, you have been kind to us people who live in this land;
you have enabled us Israeli people to become prosperous again.
You forgave us, your people, for the sins that we had committed;
you pardoned us for all our sins [DOU].
(Think about that!)
You stopped being angry with us
and turned away from severely punishing us.
Now, God, the one who saves/rescues us, ◄restore us/make us prosperous again►
and stop being angry with us!
◄Will you continue to be angry with us forever?/Please do not continue to be angry with us forever.► [DOU, RHQ]
Please enable us [RHQ] to prosper again
in order that we, your people, will rejoice about what you have done for us.
Yahweh, by rescuing us from our troubles/difficulties,
show us that you faithfully love us.
I want to listen to what Yahweh our God says,
because he promises/says that he will enable us, his people, to live peacefully,
if we do not return to doing foolish things.
He is surely ready to save/rescue those who revere him,
in order that his glory/splendor will be seen in our land.
10  When that happens, he will both faithfully love us and faithfully do for us what he promised to do [PRS];
and we will act/behave righteously, and he will give us peace,
which will be like a kiss that he gives us.
11 Here on earth, we will ◄be loyal to/continually believe in► God,
and from heaven, God will act justly/fairly toward us.
12 Yes, Yahweh will do good things for us,
and there will be great harvests in our land.
13  Yahweh always acts righteously [PRS, MET];
he acts righteously wherever he goes.