A prayer written by David
Yahweh, listen [IDM] to what I say and answer me,
because I am weak and needy.
Prevent me from dying now, because I ◄am loyal to/continue to believe in► you;
save/rescue me, because I serve you and I trust in you, my God.
Lord, be kind to me,
because I cry out to you all during the day.
Lord, cause me to be glad,
because I ◄pray to/worship► [IDM] you.
Lord, you are good to us, and you forgive us;
you faithfully love very much all those who ◄pray/call out► to you.
Lord, listen to my prayer;
hear me when I cry out to you to help me.
When I have troubles, I call out to you,
because you answer me.
Lord, among all the gods whom the heathen nations worship,
there is no one like you;
not one of them has done the great things that you have done.
Lord, some day, people from all the nations that you have established will come and bow down in front of you
and they will praise you [MTY].
10 You are great, and you do wonderful/marvelous things;
only you are God.
11 Yahweh, teach me what you want me to do
in order that I may conduct my life according to what you say, which is true.
Cause/Teach me to revere you .
12 Lord, my God, I will thank you with all my inner being,
and I will praise you forever.
13 You faithfully love me very much;
you have prevented me from dying and going to the place where dead people are.
14 But God, proud men are trying to attack me;
a gang/group of cruel men are wanting to kill me;
they are men who do not have any ◄respect for/interest in► you.
15 But Lord, you always are mercifully and kind;
you do not become angry quickly,
you faithfully love us very much
and always do for us what you have promised to do.
16 Look down toward me and be merciful to me;
cause me to be strong and save/rescue me
who serves you faithfully like my mother did.
17 Yahweh, do something to show me that you are being good to me
in order that those who hate me will see that you have encouraged me and helped me,
and as a result they will be ashamed.