A psalm written by one of the descendants of Korah
The city that Yahweh established is on his sacred hill.
He loves that city, Jerusalem, more than he loves any other city in Israel.
You people in [APO] the city that God ◄owns/lives in►,
people say wonderful things about your city.
(Think about that!)
Some of those who know about God are the people of Egypt and Babylonia,
and also the people of Philistia and Tyre and Ethiopia;
some day they all will say,
Although I was not born in Jerusalem,
because I belong to Yahweh, it is as though I was born there.”
And concerning Jerusalem, people will say
“It is as though everyone was born there,
and Almighty God will cause that city to remain strong/safe/secure.”
Yahweh will write a list of the names of the people of various groups who belong to him,
and he will say that he considers them all to be citizens of Jerusalem.
(Think about that!)
They will all dance and sing, saying,
“Jerusalem is the source of all our blessings.”