Furniture for the Temple
He made a bronze altar that was 20 cubits* long, 20 cubits wide, and 10 cubits tall. Then he made a large tank from melted bronze. It was round and it measured 10 cubits across from edge to edge. It was 5 cubits§ tall and about 30 cubits* around. There were images of bulls under the lip of the large bronze tank. They were in two rows that went 10 cubits around the tank. The bulls were molded in place when the tank was shaped. The large bronze tank was on top of twelve large statues of bulls. Three bulls looked toward the north. Three bulls looked toward the west. Three bulls looked toward the south. Three bulls looked toward the east. The large bronze tank was on top of these bulls. All the bulls stood with their rear ends to each other and to the center. The large bronze tank was 3 inches thick. The edge of the large tank was like the edge of a cup. The edge looked like a lily blossom. The tank could hold about 17,400 gallons.§
He made ten basins. He put five basins on the right side of the large bronze tank and five basins on the left side. These ten basins were to be used to wash the things offered for the burnt offerings. But the large bronze tank was to be used by the priests for washing before they offered sacrifices.
He made ten lampstands of gold. He followed the plans made for these lampstands. He put the lampstands in the Temple. There were five lampstands on the right side and five lampstands on the left side. He made ten tables and put them in the Temple. Five tables were on the right side and five tables on the left side in the Temple. And he used gold to make 100 basins. He also made the priests’ courtyard, the large courtyard, and the doors that open to them. He used bronze to cover these doors. 10 Then he put the large bronze tank on the right side of the Temple on the southeast side.
11 Huram also made the pots, shovels, and basins. So he finished his work for King Solomon on God’s Temple:
12-16 2 columns;
2 capitals shaped like bowls for the top of the columns;
2 nets to go around the capitals;
400 pomegranates for the two nets (two rows of pomegranates for each net to cover the two bowls for the capitals on top of the columns);
10 carts with a bowl on each cart;
the large tank with 12 bulls under it;
the pots, small shovels, small bowls, and all the dishes for the LORD’S Temple.
All the things that Huram made for King Solomon were made of polished bronze. 17 King Solomon first poured these things in clay molds. The molds were made in the Jordan Valley between the towns of Succoth and Zeredah. 18 Solomon made so many of them that no one tried to weigh the bronze used.
19 Solomon also made the dishes and things for God’s Temple. He made the golden altar and the tables where they put the bread of the Presence. 20 He made the lamps and lampstands of pure gold. These were put inside the Holy Place in front of the Most Holy Place. 21 He used pure gold to make the flowers, lamps, and tongs.* 22 He used pure gold to make the lamp snuffers, bowls, pans, and the censers. He used pure gold to make the doors for the Temple, the inside doors for the Most Holy Place and the doors for the main hall.
* 4:1 20 cubits 34' 1/8” (10.37 m). 4:1 10 cubits 17' 1/16” (5.18 m). 4:2 large tank Literally, “sea.” § 4:2 5 cubits 8' 6” (2.6 m). * 4:2 30 cubits 51' 3/16” (15.55 m). 4:3 large bronze tank Literally, “sea.” Also in verses 10, 14. 4:5 3 inches Literally, “1 handbreadth” (7.4 cm). § 4:5 17,400 gallons Literally, “3000 baths” (66,000 l). * 4:21 tongs A tool used to hold hot coals. 4:22 censers Bowls used to carry fire.