Jesus came back to a town, to what's-its-name, to Capernaum. They were saying to each other, “Jesus has come back!” Many came to his house to hear him. He was telling them about God.
Many people were in that house, many others were standing outside it in every direction, listening to him.
Then four men came. They were bringing a sick man in a blanket, he was very weak, unable to walk. They brought him to Jesus so that he will heal him. Unsuccessfully they entered, there were very many people (inside).
Then they climbed up on top of the house. They made a hole approximately above Jesus, they lowered the sick one in the blanket, in front of Jesus.
Jesus said to himself, “They believe that I will heal the sick one.” Then he spoke kindly to the sick one, “Previously you habitually ignored/disobeyed God. In response I will not hit you, I will stay in good relationships with you.”
In that house were sitting two or three Jewish teachers. They were thinking to themselves, “He shouldn't talk like that! He's a deceiver. Only God should talk like that. Jesus is making himself out to be like God!”
Jesus knew about them, that they were thinking that way. He asked them, “Why are you criticising me like that?
I said to this man, 'Previously you habitually ignored / disobeyed God. In response I will not hit you.' You say I shouldn't talk like that. Which way should I talk to the sick person? Perhaps I might say to him, 'Stand up, pick up your blanket, and go away on foot.' Should I speak to him like that?
Right-O! Right now I will heal this sick person. Because of that you will understand about me, truly God himself told me, “Don't hit people because of their bad (deeds), stay in good relationships with them.'”
Then Jesus said to the sick person, “Stand up, pick up your blanket, and go to your (camp).”
Then and there that man stood up, picked up his blanket, and headed away without stopping.
As he was hurrying away everybody was watching him. They were saying, “He healed him! That's something new! We've never seen this before.”
They were praising God. They were saying to God, “Thankyou very much! Truly you are very good!”