Many people were seeing Jesus make sick ones well. Therefore they were following him every day.
One day Jesus climbed a hill. He sat down there, his men sat down with him. While he was sitting down he saw very many people coming towards him.
He said to himself, “These people are hungry. I will give them food.” He knew how he would give them food. He did not tell his (plural, = mob/group/family/clan). He tested one, named Philip. “How will we get food for these many (people)?”
Philip answered him, “Truly we can't get damper for those! We have very little money. If we had a thousand dollars (1,000 tala*) we could get just a little bit of food for that many!”
Andrew, Simon's younger brother, said to Jesus, “A child here has 5 small dampers and two small fish. This pitiful food is very little, like nothing truly. How will we ever give (sufficient) food to that many people?”
Jesus said to his (mob / group), “Tell them they will sit down.”
It was very grassy there. Right there on the grass they sat down in rows (lit. “behind and in front”). The people were not small (in number), 5,000 men. (This word excludes women and children.)
Jesus picked up the damper. He said to God, “You gave us this food. Thank you very much. You are very good.” Then he told his men, “Give food to those who are sitting down.” In the same way he gave the two fish also for them. There they all ate food until they were full. Then he told his (mob / group), “Pick up the rest of the scraps carefully, don't leave them.”
In accordance with his word they picked up those scraps. They filled 12 dishes (shallow containers). [The word will include the kind that is shown in the picture.]
When the people had finished eating they were saying to one another, “Jesus from a little food made a large amount, we, a big mob, all ate a proper and adequate amount. He (emphatic) must be the one who comes/came from God, at last God has sent him to us.” In that way they were talking.
Jesus knew about them, they wanted to co-erce him in order to make him their boss / leader. Therefore he left them, he went off by himself to the hilly area.
* 14: Not an exact equivalent, but known to be a big amount.