One day Jesus was in a town. A sick man was there, his skin was really bad. He saw Jesus, he came to him, he knelt down before him, he begged him,
“You could help me, you could heal my skin. What do you want to do about it?”
Jesus stretching out his hand touched him.
“Yes, I want to heal you. I will make you truly smooth.”
At once that sickness became nothing for him, that man's skin became smooth. Jesus said to him,
“Don't tell them it was I who healed you. Go straight to the priest (wise leader / counsellor). He will thoroughly examine your whole body, he will see that your skin is smooth. You know the word / law about your sickness. Long ago God told Moses to write it in a book. In accordance with his (i.e., God's, or Moses') word take a live sheep to the priest. That priest will burn it dry, to ashes. Because of that people who see it will know about you, you are smooth, without sickness.”
Like that Jesus told him. Then he sent the man to the priest.
That man didn't stay silent, he was telling people. In all directions they were taking the message to people,
“Jesus heals people from sickness!”
Because of that very many were coming to Jesus to hear him. Many also were asking him,
“Please will you heal me too?”
Because of that Jesus left the town, and went out into the countryside in order to be alone, to talk to God.