Some Jewish leaders got together to trick Jesus in (his) words, so that he should say something wrong.
One man among them was a teacher of the Jews' words from God from long ago. He asked Jesus,
“Yes! Teacher, which is the very important (lit. 'really-truly big') word from God?”
Jesus in reply said to him, “You know this word from long ago,
'God is the one who is the important boss for you. Put
God in your feelings (lit. 'stomach') continually,*
with the whole of you put God in your feelings, with your heart feelings and with your spirit and with your intellect (lit. 'ear-hole').'
This is the very important word.
And there is another word like this one:
'You love yourself. (lit. 'You put yourself in your feelings').
In the same sort of way you should love all people also. (lit. 'put all people in your feelings also'). You should put all people in your feelings.'
God laid down many words for us, some from Moses and others from God's spokesmen. When you do in accordance with these two words truly you are continually doing all the other words from God.”
* 4: Literally this is, “Put for yourself Ngarrka into your emotional being.” It is akin to the English idiom, “Take it to heart”, viz, 'Treat Ngarrka as important, make him a basic part of your thinking'.