Stay Ready Fo Wen Jesus,
Da One In Charge, Come Back
My braddahs an sistahs, you guys no need me fo write you guys bout da day o da time wen all dis stuff goin happen. Cuz you guys know awready dat da time wen Da One In Charge goin come back, goin be jalike wen one steala guy go sneak inside yoa house nite time, an you no expeck notting. Erybody goin tell, “Eh, eryting goin good! Notting goin happen to me!” Den bummahs! Right den an dea dey goin get it! Goin be jalike wen da pain hit da hapai wahine. No way peopo can run away from dat kine!
But my braddahs an sistahs, you guys no stay do bad kine stuff jalike da bad guys do, nite time. Cuz a dat, wen dat day come an Da One In Charge come back, no goin blow yoa mind jalike if one steala guy sneak up on you guys. Cuz you guys do good kine stuff dat you no shame fo do day time fo erybody see. We no do da kine bad stuff dat da odda peopo like do nite time fo nobody know.
Kay den. Watch out! No be jalike da odda peopo dat stay sleeping. Mo betta we stay ready, an figga fo real kine. You know, da peopo dat stay sleeping, dey sleep nite time. An da peopo dat drink plenny, dey do um nite time. But all us guys, we gotta figga fo real kine an stay ready.
We gotta fight da bad kine stuff. Az why we trus God, an get love an aloha fo him an his peopo. Dass jalike body armor fo us guys. An we know fo shua dat God goin take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in. Dass jalike one helmet fo one army guy head. 9-10 God, he neva put us guys hea jus fo him punish us guys bumbye. He put us hea fo him take us outa da bad kine stuff. He do all dat cuz Jesus Christ, Da One In Charge, wen mahke fo us. So wen Jesus come back, no matta we alive o we mahke dat time, we goin live fo real kine wit him!
11 So den, give each odda good kine words, an help each odda come mo solid inside, jalike you guys stay do awready.
Wat Dey Suppose To Do
12 Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! We stay aks you guys fo do someting, aah? Da leada guys dat work real hard fo help you guys, show um respeck. Dey teach you guys how you suppose to ack wen you stay tight wit Da One In Charge. 13 Cuz dey do dat kine work, I like you guys show dem all kine love an aloha, an make to dem jalike dey importan guys fo you. Live togedda wit aloha.
14 My braddahs an sistahs, we beg you guys fo do dis: Da guys dat no like work, tell um dey betta work. Da guys dat tink dey nobody, give um good kine words. Kokua da guys dat not strong inside. Hang in dea wit erybody, an no get huhu. 15 Make shua nobody go do bad kine stuff to anodda guy fo pay um back fo da bad kine stuff he wen do. But try erytime fo do good kine stuff to each odda, an to all da odda guys too.
16 Stay good inside erytime. 17 No matta wat happen, make time fo talk to God erytime. 18 No matta wat happen, tell God “Mahalo plenny!” Dass wat God like fo you guys do cuz you guys stay tight wit God Spesho Guy Jesus. 19 No jam up wat da Good An Spesho Spirit like do. 20 Wen some guy go talk fo God, no tink, “Junk, dat!” 21 Mo betta, go check out eryting, den stay tight wit da good stuff. 22 An stay real far from any kine bad kine stuff.
23 Kay den, God, he make us guys come so notting bodda us. I like God make you guys come good an spesho fo him; an make you guys stay clean inside—spirit, heart, body, eryting! Den nobody can poin finga you, from now till Da One In Charge a us guys, Jesus Christ, come back. 24 You can trus God cuz he da One dat stay tell you guys “Go come! Be my guys!” an he goin make um happen.
25 Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! Go aks God fo help us guys.
26 Tell all oua braddahs an sistahs “Aloha!” fo us guys, an go give um one hug an kiss cuz dey stay spesho fo God. 27 I stay tell you guys fo do dis, cuz I stay talk fo Da One In Charge: Make shua you read dis letta to all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God fo dem hear um.
28 Kay den. I like Da One In Charge, Jesus Christ, do plenny good kine stuff fo you guys.
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