Da Numba Two Letta From Paul
Fo Da Tessalonika Peopo
Dis anodda letta from Paul, Silas, an Timoty. We write um fo you guys dat come togedda fo church Tessalonika side. You guys stay real tight wit God oua Faddah an Jesus Da One In Charge, da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen.
I like dem do plenny good stuffs fo you guys, an make you guys so notting bodda you!
Erybody Goin Stan In Front God Da Judge Wen Christ Come Back
Eh my braddahs an sistahs, we gotta tell God “Mahalo plenny!” erytime cuz a you guys. Az right we do dat, cuz you guys stay trus God plenny mo an moa, an cuz you guys stay show mo an mo love an aloha fo each odda. Dass why we talk good bout you guys to all God peopo dat come togedda fo church, all ova. We tell um how you guys hang in dea an stay trus God, no matta da odda peopo make you suffa plenny an make any kine to you guys.
All dis show dat God judge da right way. Az why he goin make you guys da right kine peopo, so he no shame fo tell, “You my guys, an I yoa King.” You guys know how come you stay suffa now? Cuz you da King guys, az why. God goin do da right ting, you know. Da peopo dat make you guys suffa now, God goin make dem suffa bumbye. An God goin take away da presha, an same ting fo us guys too.
All dat goin happen bumbye, wen God let peopo see Da One In Charge, Jesus, stay coming from up dea inside da sky wit his angel guys dat get plenny powa. Goin get one big fire dat time. God goin punish da peopo dat donno him, an no like lissen da Good Stuff Bout Da One In Charge a us guys, dass Jesus. God goin punish dem, an wipe dem out to da max foeva. No way dey goin stay wit Da One In Charge. No way dey eva goin see da awesome kine tings he get da powa fo do. 10 All dat goin happen wen Jesus, Da One In Charge a us guys, come back. Dat time, erybody goin know how awesome he stay, cuz he goin stay tight wit da peopo dat stay spesho fo him. An all da peopo dat wen trus him, dey goin tell, “Wow!” Same ting goin happen fo you guys, cuz you guys wen trus da stuff we wen tell you bout him.
11 Dass why us guys pray erytime fo you guys dat dis stuff goin happen. Oua God wen tell you guys awready, “Go come! Be my guys!” Dass why we stay aks God fo make you guys da right kine peopo fo you do wat he like you fo do. We pray fo God give you da powa he get fo help you guys do all da good kine stuff you like do cuz you guys stay trus him. 12 Den, wen you guys make lidat, erybody goin tell good tings bout Jesus, Da One In Charge, cuz dey goin know how awesome he stay. An cuz a him, dey goin tell good tings bout you guys too. All dat goin happen cuz oua God, an Da One In Charge, Jesus, God Spesho Guy, dey like do plenny fo you guys.
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