You Can Live Fo Real Kine
If You Stay Tight Wit God Spirit
So den, God no goin punish da peopo dat stay tight wit Jesus Christ! Cuz get two tings dat stay fo real: If you stay tight wit God Spirit, he goin make you guys come alive fo real kine. An he goin make you guys stay tight wit Jesus Christ. Dass da Numba One ting. If you guys stay tight wit da bad kine stuff, you guys goin get cut off from God foeva. But if you get God Spirit, da Spirit free you up fo no do da bad kine stuff. Dass Numba Two.
Maybe us guys try do wat da Rules from God tell us fo do. Sad! Us no stay strong enuff inside fo do dat cuz dass how us guys stay. Den God, he sen his Boy dat get one body jalike one regula guy dat can do bad kine stuff, but his Boy no do bad kine stuff notting! God sen um fo face da bad kine stuff peopo do. How Jesus ack, he neva do bad kine stuff. He show proof dat da tings da peopo stay do was bad fo shua. An he come one sacrifice fo hemo da shame fo da bad kine stuff peopo stay do. God sen Christ fo mahke fo us guys. Az why us guys can do all da right kine stuff da Rules From God tell we gotta do. Now, we no live da way we live befo time wen we do wat we like do. We live da way God Spirit like fo us live.
Da peopo dat ack da way dea body like dem fo ack, dey ack lidat cuz dass how dey stay inside. Dey ony tink bout how dey like live all da time. But da peopo dat ack da way God Spirit like dem fo ack, dey ony tink bout how fo ack da way God Spirit like dem fo ack. Da guy dat ony tink fo do da bad kine stuff his body like him fo do, az jalike he mahke inside awready. But da guy dat tink fo do wat God Spirit like him fo do, he stay alive fo real kine, an notting bodda him.
An if you tink fo do bad kine stuff an ack da way yoa body like you fo ack, cuz dass how you stay inside, you go agains God erytime. Dat mean, you no do wat da Rules From God tell—cuz you no mo da powa fo do um. Da peopo dat do bad kine stuff dea body like dem fo do, no way God take wat dey do.
But fo you guys, da way you wen live befo time, wen you live fo ony you, make shua da ol way no control you guys no moa. Cuz God Spirit live inside you, you guys get da powa fo do da kine stuff God Spirit like you fo do. If somebody no mo Christ Spirit inside him, dat guy not one Christ Guy. 10 But you guys, Christ stay tight wit you. Yoa body goin mahke cuz you wen do bad kine stuff. But inside, you guys stay alive fo real kine cuz you get um right wit God. 11  God da One wen make Jesus come back alive afta he mahke. If God Spirit stay tight wit you guys, den he goin make yoa mahke bodies come back alive, jalike how he wen make Christ come back alive. His Spirit goin do dat fo you guys, no matta yoa body goin mahke.
God Spirit Tell Us Guys Us God Kids
12 So den, my braddahs an sistahs, get someting us guys gotta do. Us no need do wat oua body tell us fo do. 13 If you guys do wat da bad kine stuff inside you tell you fo do, fo shua kine you goin be da one get cut off from God! But if you let God Spirit give you da powa fo kill off all da bad kine stuff you do, den you goin live fo real kine.
14 Da ones dat let God Spirit tell um wat fo do, dey God kids. 15  Wen you guys get God Spirit in charge a you, God Spirit no goin make you guys live jalike slaves dat gotta stay sked all da time. Az how was befo time. Wen you get God Spirit in charge a you, you know you stay God kids! Az why he goin lissen wen we yell out, “Daddy!”
16 Inside we know us God kids. An God Spirit tell us guys da same ting too, 17 Cuz us guys God kids, dat mean, we goin get all oua share a da good kine stuff God give his kids cuz he oua Faddah. Da Faddah give eryting he get to his Boy Christ. Dass wat da Faddah goin do fo us guys too. But you know wat? Dat mean us guys gotta suffa too jalike Christ wen suffa, so den bumbye, God make us come awesome jalike he wen make Christ come awesome.
Bumbye God Goin Make Us
Come Awesome
18 You know, I figga how we stay suffa right now, az notting! Cuz da awesome stuff God goin show us bumbye, goin be unreals! 19 All da tings God wen make, jalike dey no can wait fo someting good fo happen. Dey no can wait fo see God show erybody how proud he stay bout his kids. 20  All da tings God wen make goin come hamajang an stay lidat. Not suppose to be lidat, but God let um be lidat cuz bumbye he goin make all dat stuff come good one mo time. 21 All da tings God wen make goin come poho. But bumbye, God goin free up all dose tings fo come awesome, fo come jalike how suppose to be. Eryting God make goin come awesome. Az goin be da same ting he do fo make all his kids come free up fo come awesome too.
22 Us guys know, from befo time till now, dat all da tings God wen make stay moan jalike get big pain, jalike wen one wahine suffa plenny wen she born one bebe. 23  Eh, az how goin be fo us guys too. Us guys get da Spirit in charge a us dat God wen give to us now. But we still yet moan inside too. Us lidat cuz we no can wait fo da time wen God goin make us his kids wit full rights, an hemo oua bodies from all da pilau kine stuff.
24 Wen God take us outa da bad kine stuff, he wen make us know fo shua wat he goin do bumbye. But still yet, we gotta wait. If us guys get wat we wait fo awready, den no need fo wait fo dat fo happen. Nobody goin wait fo someting dat wen happen awready. 25 But wen we wait fo someting we neva see happen yet, den we goin hang in dea real good an wait fo see dat happen.
26 Anodda ting, God Spirit help us plenny, cuz us no mo powa. We donno how fo pray da right way. But God Spirit, he take ova an aks God fo do tings fo us. Cuz us guys get big pain inside us cuz we no shua how fo pray. 27 An God, he know fo real kine all da tings us guys get inside, an he know how his Spirit tink too. His Spirit help us cuz God Spirit tink jalike God tink. Da Spirit talk to God fo us guys. He aks God fo help da peopo dat stay spesho fo him do wat God like um fo do.
28 Us guys know dis too: God make eryting come out all good fo da peopo dat get love an aloha fo him. God da one wen pick dem fo do wat he like dem fo do. An God get dis plan from befo time wen he tell um, “Go come! Be my guys!” 29 Befo time, he pick dose peopo awready, cuz he like make um come jalike one copy a his Boy. God Boy, dass Christ. He da main one, an da odda guys, dey jalike his younga braddahs an sistahs. 30 Da peopo God wen pick befo time, he tell um fo come be his guys. An dose same guys, God make um get um right wit him, an he make um come awesome jalike him.
God Get Love An Aloha Fo Us Guys
31 So den, wat you tink bout all dis? God stay fo us guys to da max. Cuz God stay lidat, who goin go agains us? No mo nobody! 32 God neva even hold back his Boy. He wen make um come one sacrifice fo help all us guys. God wen give his Boy fo mahke fo us. Dat mean God no hold back notting. He give us ery good ting to da max!
33 An den, who goin poin finga da peopo God wen pick? No mo nobody goin do dat! Cuz God, he da One dat tell dat his peopo get um right wit him awready. 34 Eh! No mo nobody dat can tell God gotta punish his peopo. Cuz Jesus Christ, he da One wen mahke. An mo spesho den dat, he da One dat God make um come back alive afta he mahke. From dat time, he stay in da mos importan place, by God right side. Same time, Jesus da One dat stay tell God fo help us guys!
35 You tink get somebody can cut us guys off from da love an aloha Christ get fo us guys? No ways! You tink presha, hard time, o wen get somebody dat like hurt us, o wen no mo notting fo eat, o no mo clotheses, o wen we sked, o wen we get peopo dat like kill us, dat can cut us guys off? Not even! 36  Jalike da Bible tell befo time,
“Cuz us guys, yoa peopo, all da time odda guys stay kill us.
Dey make to us jalike we sheeps dey kill fo sell da meat.”
37 Cuz Christ get love an aloha fo us guys to da max, no matta wat kine trouble get, dat no bodda us, cuz we da winnas fo shua!
38 I stay shua bout dis: No mo notting can make God no love us guys. No matta us stay alive o us mahke, no matta if get angel guys o leada guys in da sky, o if get spirits wit powa dat go agains us, no matta wateva stay happen now o goin happen bumbye, 39 no matta get guys wit powa up dea inside da sky, o down dea inside da groun, no matta if get all kine odda tings dat God wen make. No mo notting dat can cut us guys off from da way God love us guys! Cuz us guys stay tight wit Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen, an he Da One In Charge a us guys.
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